Some veggie thoughts

Hello again! While Jen is back in the swing with the summer art shows, I’m trying to get back in the blog writing swing. Which sounds like a weird place in a playground to be writing. 

So I’ll start over. Jen and I are vegetarians. The actual vegetable eating ones. I stopped eating meat when I was eleven years old (if you’re doing the fancy math, that is over 40 years ago). We are both great cooks, which can come in handy in Maine, where they sometimes think vegetarian means fish. It does not.

Here’s a little visual proof ~ dinner at our house is kind of great:

I’m going to use the blog post today to talk about the great, if hard to find, veggie options here. Maybe this will be helpful to you if you are a vegetarian, or a person trying to cut back on meat, or if you travel with a veggie person. Or maybe you just wanted something to read today that is not political or catastrophic. This is neither.

First stop, Frinklepod Farm in Arundel. This is a wonderful organic farm store run by Noah and Flora. It is closed Sunday and Monday. They have an amazing selection of fresh local veggies, and a fridge and freezer filled with vegetarian and vegan delights (both savory and sweet). They’ll even let you pick your own flowers. If Hannaford feels a bit overwhelming, head to New Morning Grocery in Kennebunk. (Or go to the store in Biddeford, but then you have to get coffee at Elements or Time & Tide, a bagel at Rover, and be sure to get a falafel wrap or plate at Layalinas!)

If you are dining out in town, the best salad (Jen and I really do rate this stuff) is the Summer Salad at Wandby Landing. The pizza there is delicious, and we had a special pasta with mushrooms that I am really hoping will be back on the menu.

 Chez Rosa usually offers two veggie dishes on their small, yummy menu. The gnocchi is creamy and veggie rich.

At Old Vines, we stick to the small plates – one of which is always the brussels sprouts.

And, of course, Bandaloop. Nuff said.

The big surprise: Lost Fire (a grilled meat lover’s paradise) has wonderful sides like yucca fries and grilled brocollini, as well as a veggie empanada. 

In our opinion, everything goes better with wine, and every one of these places has a great selection. But if you just need a bottle for yourself, be sure to stop by Maine & Vine where Lani will brighten your day (and help you select a new favorite).

The sun has returned to Kennebunkport, our lettuces and kales are picked, washed and bagged, and our tomatoes are ready to take over the world! If you are town and need a few, just say the word.

Happy eating.

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  1. Lisa Bage July 12, 2023 at 10:35 am #

    First of all, I love your store. Your vegetarian dishes look amazing. Could you share some of your recipes? I have been a vegetarian for five years. I don’t miss meat at all.

    Thank you!


    • Tanya July 12, 2023 at 11:49 am #

      Thanks Lisa! (On both counts 🙂
      I am one of those annoying cooks who looks in the pantry and the fridge and creates magical dishes without ever writing anything down. I do enjoy cookbooks for ideas and accents. I will take a photo of some of my favorites and hopefully that will inspire you to try some new meals. Look for the pic next time I post. And thank you again.

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