Product Care

Every piece of JAK Designs knitwear can be hand washed in cold water using a gentle detergent, and dried by laying on a flat surface.

Wool pieces respond best when rolled in a towel after rinsing, to press out excess water.

OrganiJAK gauntlets and neckwarmers can be machine washed on a delicate cycle, then dried flat. No dryer no dryer no dryer.

Linen capelets and jackets can be handwashed or drycleaned. Handwash cold – dry flat. Store folded, not hung. Hot iron directly on fabric, or hot steam okay.

Linen jackets must be blocked with a hot iron after washing and drying.

Do not store on hangers

Everything we knit should be folded not hung


Silk and linen can be steamed with a clean, hot iron







Ironing tools. A steam iron, a board, a "ham" and a towel

We start off with steaming tools and our big board

A blue and white striped scarf before being steamed

Linen scarf before it is steamed, or after it is washed

Starting to steam by ironing the blue end

Just start steaming with high heat, one end at a time

Steaming the wider scarf, blue on the edges, skinny white stripe in middle

Flattening out the linen scarf with the hot iron

A finished and fully steamed and folded striped linen scarf

Finished and folded linen scarf!