Did we mention the rain?

The rain is no excuse for how long I have gone, again, without writing a blog entry. But I am going to start by talking about the wet weather that has been overwhelming us here in Maine. I saw a meme that said it has only rained twice this year – once for 43 days and once for 37. And it feels all too true.

I try not to complain about weather. I live in Maine, and I love it here. I enjoy something about every season. I admit that the crossover between winter and mud season, when the skies are gray and the rain blows cold, can feel a smidge too long. But I don’t even remember March anymore. It has really been raining.

What’s great about that? 

Everything is green. Our wildflower meadow that we planted with seeds just a year ago is lush and standing almost four feet high (though the coreopsis flowers are sagging a bit from the last downpour). 

Our vegetable garden is prolific. Look closely and you might think we haven’t been harvesting the snow peas, but we are out there every day plucking them from the vine. We can’t keep up with the lettuces, kales, parsley, and cilantro. And we are watching the tomatoes branch out and fruit so much that the peppers and cukes may need to be relocated to the lettuce area next week.

What’s not so great?

For folks who only get a weekend or a brief vacation in vacationland, it is WET. Bike riding and morning walks are often cancelled. There haven’t been many evenings by the fire, either, because it’s not much fun with mosquitos AND wet seats.

So, yeah. It’s been raining. But just now, the sun peaked out from the heavy clouds. And we live in Maine.

I guess I’m done with this post. Nothing JAK to report, except that we knitters still love what we do, and we love sharing it with you. Rain or shine.

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  1. Janice Washington July 4, 2023 at 10:26 pm #

    Thanks for sharing, and hang in there 😊👍🏿. Things are dryer than normal here in the mid-Atlantic, but I must admit I am enjoying the sun. 😎
    The upside of regular bouts of rain is it helps clear away some of the smoke associated with the fires in Canada.
    Be well,

    • jakdesigns July 5, 2023 at 9:36 am #

      Thank you for reading, Janice. Here’s an update: the sun has already been shining all morning (it’s 9:30 now), it’s 75 degrees, and we are looking at 3 days of sunshine in the forecast. Maybe I just needed to write about the rain LOL

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