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It’s been too long!

You know how you almost never dial your own phone number? Well, it turns out, we almost never look at our own website. I realized that today when I was making sure the online shop and hours were updated. We are kind of low tech, so if we sell something at an art show or […]

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a heart

A Valentine-y Tale

  Once upon a time, on a hill in a saintly city, there were two vegetarians slicing meat in a deli. As is so often the case in stories like this, they were not looking for love. They were in recovery from the lives they had so far lived, and both were content to spin […]

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scooter shopkeeper

A summer tale

So…for well over a year now, in addition to being half of team JAK, I have been leading writing salons a few nights a week. I provide my group of up to 9 writers of varied experience with a prompt, and we all write for 20 minutes. The results are always a surprise. Last night […]

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Excuses, excuses.

It’s been a few weeks since our last Blog post. Mostly for good reasons. We may not have a home yet (we hope to move into our new house in November) but that’s not keeping anyone away. We had a wonderful visit with Jen’s mom and sister, AND our niece Emma who is in college […]

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jen t rainbow walk


Ok. I really am going to get back to JAK and knits and artists and all that good stuff that is probably why you came to JAK Designs in the first place. But we’ve never waited around for holidays or memorials to give thanks, show our gratitude, or tell you how much we love you. […]

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purple neck

Summer Smiles

I’m really trying to write something every week that’s worth reading. I have big plans to keep introducing you to the artists we work with that make our shop so special. I am going to convince Jen to do some photo and video shoots showing you how we like to wear our wraps and tie […]

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4 guys art

Introducing the guys! and other stuff

I took one week off of blog writing, and it feels like a month. That kind of makes sense, though. I never seem to know what day it is any more. Worse than before. Or better, I guess, if you want to get philosophical about time. But that’s for another blog. This is the JAK […]

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sweet jen t

All the ladies in the house!

JAK Designs is a woman-owned business. If you’ve followed us for more than a minute, you probably already knew that. This was not something we contemplated or worked at, we just are: Two women who started a business. It’s actually not as rare as disparity and discrimination would have you believe. In other words, women […]

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Screen Shot 2021-05-02 at 4.09.22 PM

A Sneak Peek – Part I

Have you been following along on our new blog journey? If you have, then you know today is when we give you a sneak peek into life in Kennebunkport. We can’t tell you everything. For a small town, there is a lot going on, no matter the season. And everyone experiences our little part of […]

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lisa 4

Introducing Lisa

Writing this blog is still pretty new. So, trying to come up with unique and interesting topics, especially ones that don’t fall back on pandemic themes, is an interesting challenge. There is so much going on right now, in our lives, and the world, and much of it is a reflection of the stunted universe […]

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