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Introducing Lisa

Writing this blog is still pretty new. So, trying to come up with unique and interesting topics, especially ones that don’t fall back on pandemic themes, is an interesting challenge. There is so much going on right now, in our lives, and the world, and much of it is a reflection of the stunted universe we have all been living in since March of last year.

One thing we can tell you more about is our artists. We have been in touch with all the artists we carry in the JAK shop, and to date, that is 35 wonderful, talented individuals from all over the US! Our plan is to introduce you to them as people and artisans, in addition to showing off their fantastic work. But we don’t want to overwhelm you, so we’ll do it one at a time. From time to time.

And it’s time to introduce you to one of our favorite Maine artists, Lisa Gent. (And yes, they are all favorites. Jen and I have traveled the country showing our work at art shows since 1999. We know more artists than you know…well, more artists than you know. If we carry their work in our shop, it means we love both the artist and their work.)

Back to Lisa. A chai drinking, big hearted nature addict (my term, so don’t blame her for that) Lisa handcrafts metal jewelry using fine silver and gold. She adds rich contrast to her work by oxidizing, and incorporating gemstones, most recently moldovite, a super rich, dark green stone.

Like many artists this year, Lisa has immersed herself in custom work. One of her favorite tasks has been embellishing cherished wedding rings to commemorate anniversaries. How sweet is that?

And speaking of sweet, when we asked Lisa who brings her joy each day, her list, including the humans she adores, included Lulu, Moosey, and Silly Millie. We heart that.

Heading back out into the craft show circuit, the way most of us have made our way for so long, is different for every artist. Lisa will be just slightly dipping her toes into in-person shows this summer. In late July, she’ll be back at one of her favorites, in one of our most favorite locales. The MCA Guild Fine Craft Show in Bar Harbor will be taking place July 23-25, and if you happen to find yourself in this most northeastern of shows, Jen will be there, too, showing our lightweight summer knits!

You can also see Lisa’s beautiful work in our shop on Dock Square, and on her website

Next time: A sneak peek into life in Kennebunkport!

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