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Holding on

Do you ever feel like you’re holding on for dear life and everyone needs to get to the other side of the ship before we capsize in frigid waters in the middle of the night? No. Us neither.

We’re a couple of fifty-one year old knitters who just got our second shots. So we’re holding on, but usually in the woods or on the beach. And often together. Wearing jewelry made by our friends, and clothing made by us. And still laughing during the darkest times after a quarter of a century together. So, yeah, we’re holding on pretty well.

The week ahead says it won’t get warmer than 55 degrees. Or colder than 35. We’ve decided that as long as it’s not raining we will be out there somewhere, together, whenever we can. And alone when we can, because we are back living in a studio, and even when you really, really like someone….

Over the past year, it became clear that every person has their own idea of what safe looks like. And what is right. We have strived to keep each other and everyone around us safe and healthy. So we’ve been holding on until we can sit at a table with the people we love, mask-free. Play cards. Drink, and laugh, and cook with friends. And eat together. Priorities, right?

We will stay strong and separate for another 2 weeks, then watch out! (Don’t worry, we’re not going to start licking faces or singing with strangers in bars for a while.) But there will be hugs. So many hugs. And starting on May 3rd, it won’t just be trees!

What are you holding on for? We’d love to hear from you.

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