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Holding on

Do you ever feel like you’re holding on for dear life and everyone needs to get to the other side of the ship before we capsize in frigid waters in the middle of the night? No. Us neither. We’re a couple of fifty-one year old knitters who just got our second shots. So we’re holding […]

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The mobile knitting studio in April

  April showers bring May flowers. We are counting on it. Here’s our status update for mid-April 2021. We have just completed our second move of three, in a one year period. Maybe that’s normal for some folks, but in our 25+ years together, we had only lived in three places.  And when we move, […]

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Introducing Ginger (and Tanya)

I’m not sure if everyone gets asked how they got started in their job. I do know that it’s a question artists get asked every day. Maybe it’s because we chose a less traveled path. Maybe it’s hard to imagine that we spend all day every day doing our crafty thing. Whatever the reasons, every […]

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Keeping our Dream Alive

We started JAK Designs in March of 1997. Over the years, we have knitted, worked, planned, and struggled to keep our dream alive. And the dream has changed. In the beginning, we packed up a borrowed hatchback with a folding table and set up at tiny shows in the San Francisco Bay Area. There were […]

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